Building Department

The Building Department for the Town of Bluefield, Virginia was implemented by Town Council on October 1, 2001. Previously all inspections were performed by the Building Inspection Department of Tazewell County. Building Inspectors traveled a distance of approximately 21 miles for their inspections.

The building inspection program that was established was a system that is prescribed by the state legislature under the Department of Housing & Community Development which mandates the following:

All work is performed by a currently licensed contractor, or under an affidavit signed by the home owner stating they will do the work themselves.

That all work is performed under a written permit issued by the Building Department used as a guide to complete 5 minimum inspections to insure that state building codes are met.

That records are maintained in the Building Department office for all permitted work.

Currently the Building Department is made up of the Building Official, Property Maintenance Official, and an Administrative Assistant which is shared with the Zoning Administrator. The Building Official is responsible for issuance of building permits, and code inspections. The Property Maintenance Official is responsible for property maintenance issues throughout the Town. Since the creation of the department in 2001, the building department has issued over 3,000 permits. Currently the Building Department is sufficiently staffed, however when Leatherwood and St. Clair’s development begins, additional staff may be needed.