HEAL – Healthy Eating Active Living

In June 2015 Bluefield, Virginia passed a Commitment to Obesity Prevention resolution. The resolution recognizes the importance of healthy eating and active living within our community.
One of The Town of Bluefield, VA’s first steps to implementing the HEAL, Healthy Eating, Active Living, policy will be the development of a one mile paved fitness trail that will outline the Graham Recreation Park in West Graham. HEAL stands for Healthy Eating Active Living, two critical components to a healthy lifestyle and the focus of the HEAL Cities and Towns Campaign in its effort to prevent reduce obesity throughout the region. The FIT Trail will expand opportunities for residents in the Southwest Virginia area to be more physically active. Bluefield has passed a resolution to join the HEAL cities & Towns Campaign for the Mid-Atlantic, a program specifically designed to help municipal leaders proactively foster healthy environments through policies that increase access to healthy eating and active living for residents.
• The FIT Trail will consist of 10 stations and is capable of serving a diverse range of users, contributing to the overall health of the community, providing such benefits as:
• Providing a free social outlet for exercise, a much needed resource in under-served communities
• Combatting obesity through well-rounded workout opportunities that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities and fitness levels throughout the community
• Increasing interest in related community services, such as nutrition education and health screenings
• Outdoor Fitness Parks located within sight lines of a playground promote active behavior in adult family members, increasing the time spent at the playground, which can help develop a lifelong fitness mindset in children
• Promoting a sense of pride within neighborhoods where Outdoor Fitness Parks are located

Fitness Trail