‘Field Fest Vendor Guidelines

Field Fest Logo
‘Field Fest (Downtown Summer Event) – ‘Field Fest is an event sponsored by the Industrial Development Authority on the streets of Downtown Bluefield, VA.  The event will be held on the second Thursday of June, July, and August from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The boundaries are defined by the ‘Field Fest Committee depending on the number of vendors present.

Hours of Operation 

The ‘Field Fest hours of operation are from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm every 2nd Thursday June – August.

Vendor Fees  

The rental rate is established by the ‘Field Fest committee. The rate for all vendors is currently $50.00 per month, or $100 for June, July and August, for each 10 x 10 foot vendor space for non food truck vendors and a 15 x 15 space for food truck vendors.

There is no fee for vendor spots, this includes farmer’s market, food trucks and/or artisans and crafters.

Vendors may not sublet or “loan” their assigned space to another person, regardless of whether that person is already a ‘Field Fest vendor.

The ‘Field Fest Committee may fill any empty vendor spaces in the vendor area with another entity on those days that the resident vendor has indicated that he/she will not be present at the Market.

Market Rules  

  1. General Standards of Conduct
  1. Vendors are required to cooperate with the ‘Field Fest staff.
  2. The ‘Field Fest hours start at 5:00 pm. Vendors must be fully set-up for business by 5:00 pm.
  3. Vendors must notify the ‘Field Fest Committee of their planned attendance schedule and notify the point of contact of all schedule changes.
  4. Each vendor is responsible for setting up their own space and display as well as cleaning up their area at the close of the ‘Field Fest event.
  5. Vendors are responsible for maintaining their space in a safe and clean manner. Displays should be arranged to minimize trip and fall hazards with attention to public safety.
  6. Umbrellas and tents may be used year-round provided they do not extend beyond the vendor’s designated space. Larger tents and canopies should be used only during inclement weather. When in use, all tents, canopies and umbrellas must be safely secured to the ground by using sufficient weight on each leg for tents/canopies or on the base for umbrellas.
  7. Inappropriate or offensive language/conduct is not permitted and could be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Market.
  8. Hawking of goods or calling out to customers is not permitted.
  9. Smoking within ‘Field Fest boundaries or use of illegal drugs is prohibited.
  10. No vendor will be permitted to use any fuel burning devices in their designated space under the farmers market shelter.
  1. Display of Products

Prices of all products must be clearly marked.

  1. ‘Field Fest Sanitation and Maintenance

The Town of Bluefield will provide and empty all public litter containers at the vendor spaces. Vendors are responsible for the collection and proper disposal of all refuse, grease and trash generated from their spaces.

  1. Animals in the Market

Pets are not allowed on the plaza during the ‘Field Fest hours of operation.

  1. Parking

Each vendor occupying or utilizing an on-street parking space must have and display a ‘Field Fest issued parking hangtag.