The Town has owned and operated the Maple Hill Cemetery since 1890.  This 25 acre cemetery, situated at the western corporate limits of the Town has a perpetual care fund established; thus ensuring continuation of a well-groomed cemetery in the future. The cemetery is overseen by a Cemetery Commission. The Cemetery Commission is appointed by the Council and is responsible for the planning of all activities at Maple Hill Cemetery. As such, they help the Council determine cemetery policies, establish budgets, and review general operations related to the cemetery.

The Town of Bluefield is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of Maple Hill Cemetery. The cemetery is operated as a benefit for the citizens and is not designed to generate a profit, which in turn offers an affordable option for everyone. The Cemetery is maintained by a Cemetery Superintendent and grounds keepers throughout the year. The superintendent oversees the purchase of cemetery plots, opening and closing of graves, pre-need options, and general preservation of the cemetery.

Residents of the Town have chosen Maple Hill Cemetery as their final resting place for over 100 years. Many of the graves in the older sections of the Cemetery have experienced depressions and settling of the ground. These graves are in need of repair and the head stones need to be realigned. This ensures the beauty and tranquility of the Cemetery.

The Superintendent’s office and storage building are located in a small building on the cemetery grounds. A larger building is needed for the storage of cemetery equipment, tools, and other supplies used for the maintenance of the grounds.

Restoration work has been started in the Historical Section, Bluefield Monument Company works on this project whenever they are available.

Also a building has been built for an office, larger equipment space, and Chapel for memorial services in inclement weather.