Harmony Acres

Come Make a Splash with Us! 
For over 65 years, Harmony Acres Pool has been a staple in summertime family fun and relaxation. Our pool holds 295,000 gallons of crystal clear water with depths ranging from 3 foot to 11 foot. Harmony Acres has a high and low dive, two water slides and a toddler pool for the little fish not yet ready for the big pond. We have American Red Cross trained lifeguards on duty at all times, as our patrons safety is our first priority. We also have a fully stocked concession stand ready for all your food needs. 

Lifeguard class 

Lifeguard Application

Day Time Hours 
Monday - Saturday (11 am to 5 pm)
Sunday - Closed (Available for parties) 

Ages 5 and up - $5.00
Ages 2 to 4 - $4.00
Ages 0 to 1 - No Charge

Harmony Acres Pool Rules
  • No running
  • Do not push, shove, etc.
  • Do not go down the slide head first
  • One at a time on diving boards and slides
  • No food or drink in the pool area
  • Do not swim under slides or diving boards
  • Only children 4 and under in the toddler pool
  • Children in the toddler pool must be accompanied by an adult
  • No shoes in the pool area
  • Do not hang on rope/chain
  • Non-swimmers must stay in chained area
  • Parents cannot carry their children outside the chained area
  • No floatation devices outside of the chained area
  • No hanging on the basketball rim
  • No hanging on the diving boards
  • No excessive bouncing on the diving boards
  • No sitting on the rail of the pier
  • Obey all guards
  • Rest period is also adult swim (18 and over)
  • No profanity
  • No alcohol
  • Smoking in designated area only
  • Do not “flip” towels
  • No PDA
  • Horseplay in pool must be 10 feet away from wall
  • No horseplay on deck
  • No throwing balls across pool

Location: 120 Harmony Acres Lane Bluefield, VA 24630
Phone: (276) 322-3673